I have heard some good things generally about ironhack . So would say, go ahead with it. After the bootcamp, you definitely have to face competition from regular engineering graduates and other bootcampers, and also getting the first full-time developer job is always challenging. However, this is also true, there are a whole lot of opportunity in this space (full-stack web-development). During the bootcamp, build 3/4 small projects, keep your Github buzy (7 to 10 commits each day), write 5/7 medium blogs on the technologies you are learning, and above all be very strong in fundamental javascript (assuming you are going for full-stack web-dev program), by solving 200/300 interview problems from Leetcode/Codewars etc — and you will be fully ready. Best of luck :)

DataScience | ML | 2x Kaggle Expert. Ex Fullstack Engineer and Ex International Financial Analyst. https://www.linkedin.com/in/rohan-paul-b27285129/

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