Atom Editor — some common settings, packages and solutions to common issues for my Web Development setup

Sync Atom Packages and settings for multiple computer

Gist Setup

Imp Note — Secret vs Public Gists

Immediately After synching as above

gistId: "kk8131jvm6gfgm64j6k461nm6k4696hjk46h"
_lastBackupTime: "2020-07-30T16:34:25Z"
personalAccessToken: "hhhh56543c1n6h46h4f63h4hh54"

Regular Usage / Operation for package Synchronize Settings

Regular Steps to sync when installing Atom into a new machine

Assigning custom keyboard-shortcut to Atom

First, to see all the existing keybindings > In Pallette start typing “Keybindings” and select “Settings: Show Keybindings”

key: value
key: value
key: [value, value]
'ctrl-left': 'editor:move-to-beginning-of-word'
'ctrl-right': 'editor:move-to-end-of-word'
'ctrl-shift-left': 'editor:select-to-beginning-of-word'
'ctrl-shift-right': 'editor:select-to-end-of-word'
'ctrl-backspace': 'editor:delete-to-beginning-of-word'
'ctrl-delete': 'editor:delete-to-end-of-word'
'ctrl-alt-[': 'editor:fold-current-row'
'ctrl-alt-]': 'editor:unfold-current-row'

A common issue you may face in Atom while setting up your custom Key binding — which is that ‘ctrl-shift-,’ not working —

'ctrl-\\': 'pane:split-left-and-copy-active-item'
'ctrl-shift-\\' 'pane:close'
'ctrl-\\': 'pane:split-left-and-copy-active-item'
'ctrl-|': 'pane:close'

Custom snippet

'prefix': 'log'
'body': 'console.log(${1:"crash"});$2'

Meaning of $1

Plain Text: .text.plainHTML: .text.html.basicCSS: .source.cssSass: .source.sassLESS: .source.css.lessJavaScript: .source.jsPHP: .text.html.phpPython: .source.pythonJava:
# For Language Javascript
'Single-line Snippet':
'prefix': 'cl'
'body': 'console.log($1);$2'

Set Custom keybinding for markdown writer

# Default Keymaps for Markdown Writer
# Wiki:
".platform-linux atom-text-editor:not([mini])":
"shift-ctrl-K": "markdown-writer:insert-link"
"shift-ctrl-I": "markdown-writer:insert-image"
"shift-ctrl-X": "markdown-writer:toggle-taskdone"
"ctrl-i": "markdown-writer:toggle-italic-text"
"ctrl-b": "markdown-writer:toggle-bold-text"
"ctrl-'": "markdown-writer:toggle-code-text"
"ctrl-h": "markdown-writer:toggle-strikethrough-text"
"ctrl-1": "markdown-writer:toggle-h1"
"ctrl-2": "markdown-writer:toggle-h2"
"ctrl-3": "markdown-writer:toggle-h3"
"ctrl-4": "markdown-writer:toggle-h4"
"ctrl-5": "markdown-writer:toggle-h5"
'alt-m': 'markdown-preview:toggle'
'ctrl-shift-w': 'markdown-writer:toggle-code-text'
'ctrl-shift-z': 'markdown-writer:toggle-codeblock-text'

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